22×47 Fakro Folding Attic Stairs up to 8 Feet 10″ Ceiling Height

From start to finish, the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs is the perfect selection for all of your households needs!

By far the best bang for your buck, the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs are a surefire choice.  The beautiful and lustrous design provides a flexible look for any home, office, or building’s needs.  Whether you are a first time buyer or just looking to replace those beat up rickety stairs, the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs will provide you with the most durable and long lasting stairs you have yet to see!

Not only is this the most reasonable price you will find, but also the most high quality product for the lowest dollar amount you have ever seen, with the satisfaction ratings to prove the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs is the right choice for you.

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The Fakro Group is the most fast and dynamic growing company throughout the industry for at least the last decade!  They have tweaked and modified their technologies to create the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs; these stairs come equipped with a high quality insulated and sealed 350 pound steps with more than six sizes to choose from!

Fakro Folding Attic Stairs Features

  • HIGH quality insulated and sealed 300 LB Load Capacity Folding Attic Stair
  • Choose from six sizes
  • Construction elements are not visible on the finished side. Paintable lid.
  • The mechanism securely locks the cover when fully opened, springs out of the way for clear entering.
  • Double hinges and red metal handrail are added for your safety and functionality.

Fakro Folding Attic Stairs Best Value

The best value and warranty available for the almost nine foot ladder are the most fantastic on the market.  The mechanism on the whole securely locks into place when fully opened and closed, while the springs come down at a reasonable time for clear entrance.

The double hinges and red handrails are equipped for your safety, functionality, and convenience all in one sweet little package, the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs.

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Do not delay at all when choosing folding stairs for your attic, as you will not be disappointed with the Fakro Folding Stairs in the least.  According to the reviews, Fakro has the best selection as far as sizing is concerned.  So if you need an odd size or length ladder, you may want to start looking at the Fakro Folding Attic Stairs because they may have the perfect attic ladders for your size needs.

Fakro Folding Attic Stairs

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