Louisville Ladder S305P Big Boy Attic Ladder

Louisville Attic Ladder

Looking for a ladder that fits the needs for your attic, loft, or just your home in general?  Look no further than the S305P Big Boy Wood Louisville Attic Ladder.    Not only is this ladder affordable, but it offers the conveniences of modern ladder technology and the flexibility of design and style to fit any home, office, or building.

Louisville Attic Ladder is First Class!

“Still looks and functions like new. The high weight capacity is put to use in the garage. I searched out for this second one which is going in my….”

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With an unimaginable high customer satisfaction rating, this Louisville S305P Big Boy Wood Attic Ladder is sure to hit home after you have seen its credentials.  Without a doubt, there is always a place in the home for the Louisville S305P Big Boy Wood Attic Ladder; it will definitely earn its spot throughout its years of use.

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The S305P Big Boy Wood Louisville Attic Ladder is a 350 pound capacity wood folding ladder making an easy access point to any attic or loft.  The sheer size and mobility of this piece of equipment allows for the moving of large and heavy items to storage areas with large openings such as attics.  With each step you take you may rest assured knowing that the steps themselves are reinforced for that extra strength to withstand heavy weights.

Louisville S305P Big Boy Wood Attic Ladder Features and Specifications

  • Installation kit includes EZ hang strap, plywood shims, 8- 7/8-Inch roofing nails, door and instructions
  • Reinforced steps
  • Metal hinges limit side to side motion
  • EZ hang strap included with the Louisville attic ladder
  • 30 by 60 rough opening and 7′ to 8’9″ ceiling height

A quiet and smooth open and close is sure to impress any user.  This eight foot nine Louisville attic ladder has a nice opening of  thirty inches, providing you with ample room to shift while operating on the ladder itself.  The easy to install ladder comes with the hang strap, plywood shims, roofing nails, door, and instructions as well!  The  S305P Big Boy Wood Louisville Attic Ladder leaves no stone unturned.

The only drawback to this Louisville attic ladder is, since it is heavy duty and not light, you may need some help installing it.  Or better yet, get a professional to do it for you.

Because the construction is from wood, the S305P Big Boy Wood Louisville Attic Ladder is easily repainted, stained, or even sanded down to fit any home décor with no fuss at all.

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Hundreds of consumers have been beyond pleased with their purchase of the S305P Big Boy Wood Louisville Attic Ladder.  With a price you will be hard pressed to beat elsewhere, and the outlasting durability, the Louisville S305P Big Boy Wood Louisville Attic Ladder would be a perfect fit for any home.

Louisville attic ladder


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lilylafairy February 27th, 2011 (#)

I love this ladder. My husband was able to install this in a afternoon and I like the fact I can use my attic much more now. The ladder is so sturdy that we can carry things up and down without feeling like you are going to fall over.

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