Werner AA8 Televator Telescoping Attic Ladder

For all of your home’s needs, choosing a Werner AA8 Televator Telescoping Attic Ladder is definitely the right choice.  The Werner AA8 Telescopic Ladder is the whole high quality package from top to bottom with the customer service ratings to back it up.

If you are looking to replace some old and worn out ladder or just a first time buyer for your home, the Werner AA8 Telescoping Attic Ladder will provide you with all the modern conveniences and safety aspects you need for smooth, safe, and clean operating power.  The Werner AA8 Telescoping Attic Ladder is not only great for your home, but can be used in any office building for its needs as well, due to the clean and stylish frame of the ladder itself.

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From the quick gain access to the attic, strong and reliable make, to the easy one person installation, the Werner AA8 Ladder has it all.  This Telescoping attic ladder is the most ideal choice for small, tight, and compact places in your home.  Designed for one person installation, the Werner AA8 Telescoping Attic Ladder will help you get quickly to and from a place no ladder has ever gone before!

Take into consideration…

“Five Good Reasons to Buy the Werner AA8 Televator Telescoping Attic Ladder”

Reason One:  Gain Quick Access to Your Attic

Reason Two:  Strong and Reliable

Reason Three:  Easy One Person Installation

Reason Four:  Fits a wide range of ceiling heights

Reason Five:  Perfect for tight places

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The slip resistant steps allow a worry-free removal of items to and from their locations, providing you with the peace of mind you always want.  Having an extremely versatile height range, this ladder also only needs an opening 22 inches by 22inches to fit!  How amazing is that!  These features combined with and easy to use push and pull rod device make this ladder quick, easy, and safe to use.

Werner AA8 Televator Telescoping Attic Ladder Features and Specifications

  • Utilize untapped storage by installing in closets, hallways or other tight spaces.
  • This Telescoping Attic Ladder has slip resistant steps that let you carry items up & down worry free.
  • Fits ceiling height range from 7-foot 4-inches to 8-foot 4-inches, and only requires 22-inch x 22-inch opening for use
  • One person use and installation; and easy to use push and pull rod opening device
  • Extra wide 2-7/8-inch steps and eased- edge 2-7/8-inch rails for optimal safety and stability

Most Trusted Telescoping Attic Ladder

The Werner brand has been the single most trusted name in the attic ladder business, as well as preferred brand, for the past sixty years.  Thousands of individuals have flocked to Werner to supply their climbing equipment needs.  These safe and professional grade products are perfect for any job, having ladders built to withstand even the most complicated of tasks.

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It is easy to see how and why Werner Ladders are found on more jobsites every year than any other brand.  With these kinds of credentials the Telescoping Attic Ladder is the ideal ladder for commercial as well as home use.

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